How to Keep Rentals in Move-in Ready Condition

Published: May 22nd, 2017

Peak leasing season or not a new tenant may be in a hurry to move-in in your rental. It is therefore, important for the rental to be in move-in ready condition so that you don’t have to give any lame excuses and ask the tenant to hold for a little longer.

Regular inspection schedules are the key
When old tenant moves out it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of the home as this will help you in determining the maintenance or repairs which needs to be carried out. Inspection and regular maintenance go hand in-hand as regular maintenance makes it easy to carry inspections of the home and there are few problems which one needs to deal with.

Make property maintenance a priority
A regular maintenance schedule will help in saving huge amount of money and efforts. It helps in ensuring that your expenses as far as maintenance and repairs are concerned stays to best minimum and keeps the properties ready in move-in state. By staying on schedule with the general property maintenance, repairs and upgrades your properties will always be ready for the move-in whether immediate or otherwise.

Also, a well maintained property fetches high rental price and tenants are willing to pay for such properties. Regular maintenance will help in keeping the bigger and expensive repairs at bay because with scheduled maintenance you will be able to figure out and correct the problem before it becomes major money draining repair project.
Maintain the list of vendors and contractors who are trustworthy and understand your property so that at the last moment you don’t have to settle for new and expensive contractor.